game-driveSafari Tours

South Africa offers many Big-5 experience’s, a unique opportunity to see lions, rhino, buffalo, elephants and leopard as well as buck, giraffes, zebras, and the African bush.
Various opportunities are within 2 hours of Baysands Lodge and a must for international visitors. There are a variety of safaris available; day trip safaris, horseback safaris, quad bike safari, overnight and fly-in safaris. Plus other activities like 4 x 4 trails, fishing and themed weekend breakaways. Tell us what your wish list is and we will suggest and advise the best options available and make your bookings for you.


shark-cage-divingShark Diving

Experience the exhilarating adventure of shark cage diving. Just an hour’s drive from Cape Town is one of the best areas in the world for viewing sharks and learning more about theses amazing predators. We use the safest and most reliable shark diving tours for a once in a lifetime experience.



cable-car-baysands-lodgeTable Mountain

Table Mountain is the top of the list for all visitors to Cape Town it is the most photographed attraction and the rotating cable car has taken over 24 million people to the top
Getting to the top of Table Mountain is weather dependent and on a good day the waiting time in queues can be hours!
We offer our guests a door-to-door service with pre booked tickets taking all the queuing and looking for parking out of the equation allowing you to relax and enjoy the best view in Cape Town.


robben-island-baysands-lodgeRobben Island

Looking out over the ocean from the balcony at Baysands Lodge you can see Robben Island 6 kilometers away. The island which during apartheid was a prison for political prisoners including the late Nelson Mandela and is now a world heritage site and one of the most popular attractions in Cape Town.
Tours are usually booked up long in advance so bookings need to be made before arriving in Cape Town.
We offer a shuttle service to the ferry dock as well as pre booked tickets ensuring you aren’t left disappointed and get to enjoy this one of a kind trip.



Cape Town and the surrounding areas offer some of the best golfing destinations in the world, with courses such as Pear Valley, Fancourt Links and Simola it’s not hard to see why. Designed by the world’s top names with spectacular views if you love golf you have to take this opportunity to have a game. Baysands Lodge runs an in house golf tour operation click on the link here to see the full website or contact us for more info.



surfing-baysands-lodgeKitesurfing / Surfing

500 metres from the ocean Baysands Lodge is the ideal place to take the plunge and learn how to surf or Kitesurf. We have fully qualified and skilled local instructors who make learning fun and also ensure your safety while taking on the wind and waves.




ct-experienceWineland Tours

Cape Town is synonymous with growing wine. We offer our guests individually tailored tours of the regions wine farms. This is by far the most enjoyable way to enjoy one of Cape Town’s most popular attractions without having to worry about drinking and driving.



waterfront-baysands-lodgeCape Town Tours

Cape Town has a very long list of interesting tours and activities to cater to almost every need.
Tell us what you are interested in and we can suggest a variety of tour options that may interest you.